Jslibs を Mac OS X 10.5 にインストールする

Jslibs とは?

Jslibs is a standalone JavaScript development runtime environment for using JavaScript as a general-purpose scripting language.



svn checkout http://jslibs.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

guname と autoconf213 を ports でインストール

guname と autoconf213 が必要なので、ports経由でインストール。

sudo port install coreutils
sudo port install autoconf213
cd /opt/local/bin
ln -s guname uname
ln -s autoconf213 autoconf2.13

Jslibs を make

make all


make -C src/jshost all BUILD=opt BITS=32 DEST_DIR=/Users/ynakajima/src/jslibs/trunk/Darwin_32_opt/
make -C ../host/ -f Makefile all
mkdir -p Darwin_opt_32/
gcc -c -Wall -O3 -s -funroll-loops -I../../libs/js/Darwin_opt_32/ -I../../libs/js/src -m32 -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti -felide-constructors -o Darwin_opt_32/host.o host.cpp
In file included from stdafx.h:17,
from host.cpp:15:
../common/platform.h:321:19: error: error.h: No such file or directory
host.cpp:31: warning: ‘_unsafeMode’ initialized and declared ‘extern’
host.cpp: In function ‘void stdErrRouter(JSContext*, const char*, size_t)’:
host.cpp:115: warning: label ‘bad’ defined but not used
host.cpp: In function ‘void* WatchDogThreadProc(void*)’:
host.cpp:238: warning: no return statement in function returning non-void
host.cpp: In function ‘JSBool ExecuteScriptFileName(JSContext*, const char*, bool, int, const char* const*, jsval*)’:
host.cpp:651: warning: ‘status’ may be used uninitialized in this function
../common/errors.h: At global scope:
../common/errors.h:33: warning: ‘JSBool JL_ReportError(JSContext*, J_ErrNum)’ defined but not used
../jslang/../common/jsClass.h:169: warning: ‘JSBool RemoveStatic(JSContext*)’ defined but not used
../jslang/../common/jsClass.h:228: warning: ‘JSBool RemoveClass(JSContext*, JSClass*)’ defined but not used
make[2]: *** [Darwin_opt_32/host.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [../host/Makefile] Error 2
make: *** [src/jshost] Error 2